Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers

Our website is managed and maintained by the women of CANROP – it is in the process of being developed so not all of the content is completely updated, however we hope that the site, even in its development, gives you a picture of CANROP and our role in empowering women in the Caribbean.

What is CANROP?


Environmentally Responsible

The women of CANROP have a strong concern to preserve and protect their local rural environments.  They focus on locally sourced materials, low-energy and sustainable production processes and traditional methods that honour their traditional heritage whilst maximises the potential of their natural environments.

Socially Responsible

CANROP women stand for gender equality and the empowerment of women through knowledge and skills sharing, enabling members to develop production and business skills that will build a foundation for a better future.  Through support and training they are provided with opportunities to build their self-esteem, confidence, decision making and leadership skills that will help them continue to flourish and develop from rural women producers to a strong business network.

Customer Promise

The CANROP network produces a wide range of products across the island Chapters.  Food products are made from natural ingredients and traditional production processes, with a focus on healthy food options for people of all ages.  Each product is priced fairly to benefit both customer and producer and the purchase of each product supports local communities and sustainable development.

What CANROP means…

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