Climate Change and Community Empowerment Killing Two Birds with on Stone


We are cutting down trees along the coastline to make coal in a rural area in the

Bahamas the Out island of South Andros. But these trees are invasive species

like casuarinas and scevola. we are reintroducing native species particularly

coconuts. for sustainability of our revived coconut industry and the protection

and reclaiming of our coastline.

This community empowerment project is being funded by the GEF small grants

program and partners , are : SAHMA, IICA, Bahamas National Trust, Local Govt,

local indigenous NGO such as South Andros Chanber of Commerce, South

Andros Farmers Association and Nature’s Hope for Southern Andros, Bahamas

Agricultural and Industrial Corporation, Bahamas Ministry of Agriculture and the

South Andros High School.

Our youths are involved too and the community is being empowered.

To increase supply to meet growing demand for our coconut products ( coconut

oil, coconut water, coconut confectionary and coconut craft), the need exist for a

proper state of the art processing plant.

This concept can be duplicated throughout the region.

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