The Flower Hill Coop. Bammy Factory

The Flower Hill Cooperative makes Bammies from Cassava. The group has been in existence for more than 30 years which started as the Flower Hill Cottage Industry in 1984. However in recent years they have bcome formalized. They employ 20 women and are working very hard to plant 90 hectars of cassava as raw material. The Jamaica Social Investment Fund has upgraded their factory therby increasing their capacity.   Isome 215 farmers from across western Jamaica who plant cassava to support and maintain the factory.
“The factory, which was recently expanded with assistance from the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) at a cost of US$58,000. The process some 7,000 pounds of cassava each week, depending on the availability of the raw material from approximately 250 farmers.

The bammies are sold all over Jamaica to individuals and supermarkets.  There  are four types of bammies – regular, the roll, the mini or the cocktail, and the stick.

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