Flossamae Bowleg-Curling, THE BAHAMAS

Born Flossamae Bowleg on one of the Rural islands of the  Bahamas.  Moved to the Capital City, Nassau, after receiving a Government Scholarship to attend the Premier High School of the day, “The Government High School”.         Married Kendrick Curling in 1988. That union produced two children, who are now grown.

At end of a career of more than 30 years in the Financial Services Industry I joined Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) as The Administrative Assistant in the Nassau Office.  Here I encountered CANROP and the  Bahamas’ Chapter BAHNROP.

Having spent my informative years in a rural area I was familiar with farming, living on naturally grown produce and healing ailments with natural herbs and teas.  My mother’s illness in the late 1997 rekindled    an interest in  the natural remedies and naturally grown food and a passion to start a farm and Wellness Center began; where guests will be able to eat fresh organically grown food and pick and eat  fresh fruits as I did as a child.  Hence my interest in assisting BAHNROP as their Secretary.

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