RIDGE FARMS aka WilChris Farms – Bahamas

Rionda PikkieRionda Yvette Godet, LLB, LLM calls herself an Attorn-far-merp-preneur– i.e., attorney, farmer and entrepreneur.    While her profession is law, there is no question that her love lies in the field and in the kitchen, churning out wonderful varieties of jams, pepper jellies, pepper sauces, salsas and tomato sauces, under the name RIDGE FARM & WilChris Farms    Rionda has won a number of awards, culinary and small business competitions and the success of her products have taken her to Jamaica,Barbados, the Dominican Republic, London, Paris and Germany.   More recently, her Zango Nana-Blue Blaze (Banana, Blue Berry & Goat Pepper Pepper Jelly) was featured in the  Wall Street Journal!

Rionda’s products can be found at many Tourist Boutiques and family island resorts, and, for those special occasions, Rionda can be counted on to provide lovely gift baskets to suit every budget.  Rionda sits as a Board Member of many organizations and is also a member of the National Advisory Board for Agriculture.

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