Robin Darrell, Saint Lucia



Before becoming a full time member of CANROP and Public Relations Officer on the Saint Lucia Executive, Robin Darrell spent 12 years working as a Purchasing Manager at Club Saint Lucia Hotel. After the hotel closed down she moved on to develop her cake decorating skills.

In 2007 Robin went to Chicago, where she had the opportunity to do cake decorating with Wilton Industries and was certified by them only six months later. Back to Saint Lucia in 2009, Robin became the Purchasing Officer for a local décor company and even began developing her skill set in fudge making with their Fudge and Confectioneries Department. Robin took this opportunity to combine her cake decorating and fudge making skills to do catering for the company for small functions. After two productive years, Robin was transferred to the fudge and confectioneries department where she received full time training in fudge making!

IMG_0030Soon Robin took over! She was doing the manufacturing, purchasing, marketing, sales and receivables! This was the moment when she realized that she could do it all on her own with her own business. After working with the company for four years, Robin Darrel stepped out on her own to open her own fudge making business. She joined CANROP in 2013 and began to receive training in knowledge management with emphasis on story-telling, PR and Communications.

Over the last 2 years Robin has shown tremendous development and looks forward to continued growth in her business and with CANROP.

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