CANROP perspectives from Caribbean Agri-Food Forum

CTA along with… hosted the Caribbean Pacific Agri Food Forum


CTA, CARDI and IICA hosted the Caribbean Pacific Agri Food Forum at the University of the West Indies, Barbados Campus from the 2nd until the 6th of November.  The purpose of the event was to bring together different practioners, decision makers and partners to discuss the next 5-10 years of agirculture development in the Caribbean and the Pacific.


CANROP were represented by two members of the executive committee, Ms Carmen Nurse and Ms Gia Gaspar Taylor, as well as the participation of other members of CANROP chapters.


Through the event key learnings and discussion points included the use of social media to communicate outcomes, business planning, the use of value chain analysis (AgriChains), and adaptation to climate change in the Caribbean.

Throughout the event the representatives from CANROP participated to provide the voice of rural meeting to the subject matter.  


Ms Krystal Cox, a member of CAFAN, was invited to provide a short speech during the official opening of the event and brought the issues of gender by welcoming “To all the women who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. I salute you.”


Ms Gaspar Taylor, who attended two break out sessions during the event, including a session on developing solutions that work for farmers to deal with adaptation to climate change.  Ms Gaspar Taylor found the forum incredibly interesting and useful in helping CANROP members plan and direct their activities into the future.

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