We are our worst enemy, we are our greatest strength

Last month two members of the Network of Rural Women Producers for Trinidad and Tobago attended the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta – below are the reflections from one of the participants Ms Valerie George.
CHOGM 2015 was an historical event ,it being the first time in the history of this meeting of heads of governments that a separate meeting a women’s forum has been held to discuss issues affecting women and children, girls in particular.What better country to be its host than Malta , a country which has
1.  outlawed child marriages
2.put into policy  free child care services for mothers who wish to return to the workplace.
3.made available a tax incentive for women returning to  work after age forty  or an absence of at least four years.
As director of Agriculture for the network I was extremely impressed by the agricultural practices of the Maltese people, in the areas of soil conservation ,irrigation and organic farming.I returned with a better understanding of what it takes to improve and sustain the development of agriculture in my country.
Participation in the Women’s Forum workshop for which I registered focused on empowerment of women and the role of women in the political arena.This has given me a greater resolve to pursue my aspiration on the path of advocacy. Therefore My message to  us as women is this:
We are our worst enemy
We are our greatest strength
No sister should be left behind 
Hold on to the hand that is pulling you forward
And stretch out a hand behind
For there is a sister coming after

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