Jamaica Network of Rural Women Producers – JNRWP

JNRWP logoWho we Are

The JNRWP is a member chapter of the Caribbean Rural Women Producers.  . There are 48 active individual members and 14 cluster groups. These rural women are mainly primary producers, farming for a living. A few are agro -processors. There are also Craft groups. Of note are:

  • Mango Valley Visionaries
  • Flower Hill Producers
  • Dallas Castle Producers
  • The Jamaica Hardanga Heritage Trust (JHHT)


The Network was formally launched in 2001 under the patronage of Lady Cooke the wife of then Governor General of Jamaica Sir Howard Cooke.  The first Prsident was Cinderella Anderson. 

In 2014 the network became an affilliate member of The World Farmers Organization. WFO_logo

Product Range

Vegetables, Roots and tubers, Herbs and spices, Straw craft, Embroidery, Jams and Jellies, Cassava Bammy,  Dried fruit, flour from breadfruit, cassava, banana for use in soups and to make dumplings.

Contact Details

4 Ellesmere Rd, Kingston 10
Tel: 920-9197 Email: jnrwpnetwork@gmail.com
c/o IICA, Hope Gardens, Kingston 6
Tel: 927-0020 or 702-4779-80  Fax: 702-4781

Website: www.jnrwp.org

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